How to create your first comic as a student

We all love superhero movies, but only avid movie enthusiasts know that most of the movies that are popular now are based on comics. If you try to read them at least once, you'll regret that you haven’t done it earlier. Young people tend to read fewer books, so at least comics may make them read. The process of creating your own comics and story-telling itself is time-consuming activities, but if you feel that you’ll be able to produce a good story, free some time by ordering your college assignments from Speedy Paper. Get promo codes to save some money.
Making your own comics is a good way to boost your creativity and help yourself achieve better results in studying. But be ready that it’s a tough work that requires great effort and commitment.

1. Find the idea

You have something to tell people, so the first step is to come up with the idea of the plot. Now you may think that the process of creating comics has started. There are no set rules of what characters should be present in the story, what events should occur, and where, so it's up to you to decide. Here are some basic aspects you should figure out:
• Tone;
• Theme;
• Setting;
• Characters;
• Events;
• Conflict.

2. Write the script

Don’t try to write a perfect story from scratch and be ready that it will be your draft. This stage of work is time-consuming because you’ll have to rewrite some parts several times, proofread and edit the information and do many other tasks. Take into account that it’s your first comics and you aren't experienced in it. All your next writings will be easy for you. If you feel that the assistance of a professional writer will be nice, google the phrase: "help me do my homework", find the reliable service, and explain what you need, and experts will find the way to help you.

3. Make a layout

You may feel exhausted already after writing the script, but there’s another step that requires you to make a winning spurt. Before you start drawing, you should choose the style: for example, noir, manga or American superhero. Make several sketches to understand what particular style suits your story. Time and perseverance are two main secrets of how to make a good comic. The other aspect you should consider is the format. You must decide how to place images, panels, and characters' words. If you have the opportunity to buy a graphic tablet, do it, and use the software to draw your comic.

4. Start drawing

Your aim at this stage is to line panels and outline contours. Don't try to ink, color, and add text at the same time. Such an approach to work will take a lot of time. Coloring, inking, and texting also require you to experiment with shades and fonts to identify suitable ones. If you draw without a computer, you may scan the comics and add text in photoshop. Moreover, having it in electronic form lets you publish it on the Internet and let more people know about your masterpiece.
Creating the comic is a tiresome process, but if you enjoy it, it’s your calling. It’s also possible to divide the work into two parts: let professional writers care about textual component and devote yourself to draw it. Open Google, type in the query "do my homework cheap," and find the helper.