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This, of course, precludes the awfulness of your local wrestling organization. Yes, it is terrible, but how much television time does your local Fed get on ESPN2? This particular honor, the title of Worst Fed Ever, goes to a promotion that had national coverage, several hundreds thousand dollars (if not millions) at their disposal, and six or seven talented wrestlers.

Ladies and more likely Gentlemen, I give you...

The Universal Wrestling Federation (UWF)
Now that is a colorful logo! Hard to believe they failed, right?
Per wikipedia:

Herb Abrams founded the UWF in 1990 with hopes of returning back to its roots. He signed top stars such as , , , , , , , , , , , , , and .
Like I said... about six guys that might draw. Okay, okay... considering it was 1990... maybe two.

Per wikipedia:

In 1991, Herb Abrams was owed money by Steve Ray and wrongly suspected that Ray was sleeping with his wife. On May 10, 1991 during a television taping at in , Abrams paid an extra $100 for the night to break Ray's nose during their match. The ensuing aired in its entirety on an episode of Fury Hour .

I can't imagine why this company failed under the brilliant leadership of Mr. Abrams.

Per wikipedia:
Abrams founded the in 1990 and remained of the company until his death. He was the of the UWF from 1990 to 1992, and again in 1994.

Before his death, while high on , Abrams was found naked and covered in a "Vaseline" type substance, destroying furniture with a baseball bat in his New York office. He was in the company of prostitutes at the time. Not long afterwards, he died while in police custody, of a heart attack. He had cocaine stuck all over his body when he died.

More Vaseline!

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This year Geexplosion is not just experiencing Horrorthonpalooza! I am also taking on the challenge presented by The Head Hauntress Elizabeth Katheryn Gray by joining in on her Halloween Horror Movie Marathon Madness!

I will attempt to blog more than the regular 31 in 31 by watching as many horror films as possible and blogging about them as well as presenting a summary of the weeks movies. The Madness, as I will shorten it here on Geexplosion, has a yearly theme. This years theme, if you haven't already guessed...

ATTACK OF THE AUTOMATONS, Killer Dolls, Robots, Evil Computers and Killer Mechanized Objects!!!!

Cheer on Geexplosion as I blog to save humanity AND bragging rights among the FB horror community.

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This edition of Guilty Pleasures is about wrestling. Specifically it is a mixture of Guilty Pleasure and Tribute. All of the wrestlers featured have left their legacy and passed away. Yes, this is Geexplosion's Rest In Peace version of Guilty Pleasures.

Mike Awesome
Michael Lee Alfonso
January 24, 1965 - February 17, 2007

Like many ECW alums Mike Awesome never found his niche outside of Viking Hall. I'm not certain if he would fall under guilty pleasures but I know most wrestling fans probably only knew him from WCW which is a terrible shame. He was the big man of ECW for a while both literally and figuratively. His battles with Masato Tanaka were feats of endurance and stamina.

Hercules Hernandez
Raymond Fernandez
May 7, 1956 – March 6, 2004

Hercules was a marvel to behold. When I was a child he was one of the biggest dudes ever. Looking at him now it's no surprise at all that he is dead. Fernandez passed away in his sleep from a heart condition. If he is remembered at all it is from his 7 years with the WWF (1985 to 1992). Although he did not win any titles in the WWF he was a memorable man that seemed to enjoy entertaining people.

Dino Bravo
Adolfo Bresciano
August 6, 1948 - March 10, 1993

Dino Bravo was one of those guys that was pretty amazing in the regional feds but when he was called up to the national spotlight of the new and improved WWF... he never got over with the fans. He was billed as the "Canada's Strongest Man" but oddly that wasn't enough to impress the Hulkamaniacs. He was shot to death due to his involvement in illegal organized Canadian crime.

Ludvig Borga
Tony Christian Halme
January 6, 1963 - January 8, 2010

Why did I like a Finnish nationalist who told American audiences he hated them because they weren't environmentalist? I wonder that myself. By all accounts Borga was a legit tough guy that everyone hated.

I swear I had no idea that Tom Cruise was in Edge of Tomorrow OR that it was such a big film. I don't really watch TV or pay much attention to the Sci-Fi side of movies. I am too busy finding horror movies on VHS and eating Pop-Tarts. I watched it anyway and was pleased.

Edge of Tomorrow (2014)
PG13, Film, 113 Minutes
Dir: Doug Liman
The Pros:

I hate to give Tom Cruise credit but he is a good actor. I'm not sure why he has been acting in a string of questionable sci-fi but at least Edge of Tomorrow might redeem the Cruise franchise.

Nice pacing.

J Squad introduced some likeable, memorable characters in a short amount of time.

The Cons:

I think the same creature designer has been picked for the Matrix and the Transformers. The enemy is nothing but a mass of whirling deadly tentacles. It's been done to death. Go back to lizards or something.

Battle armor that offers no protection... Good idea. Another design flaw. Cruise and Blunt can't wear helmets. It's the same reason Iron Man walks around with a critical part of his armor missing. You can't hide your star.

Also, when you inform the audience that the battle armor is critical to standing a chance against the Mimics... and then you allow your characters to fight them without the armor... Don't build up the Mimics and make them so strong. It's enough that there are a million of them.

The Procons:

None worth mentioning.

Would I recommend this film? Absolutely! I liked Cruise's portrayal of Major Cage and Emily Blunt is pretty darn convincing as the Full Metal Bitch. The action is not a constant barrage of noise and movement but instead ebbs and flows at a steady, interesting pace. I hope Doug Liman has decided to resume his career as a director and make movies like The Bourne Identity as opposed to Jumper and Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

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October is fast approaching! That means the 2nd Annual Geexplosion Horrorthonpalooza is imminent!

For those that missed out and are unwilling to search the archives Horrorthonpalooza is a silly name I gave to the first Geexplosion event - 31 Horror Films during the 31 Days of October. I know there are people able to watch more than 31 films, even blog about it, but these days I am doing well to post once a month.

I won't delve into the reasons for my absence but suffice to say that I am still eager to maintain Geexplosion and definitely looking forward to Horrorthonpalooza 2014. I have been collecting my movies over the course of 2014 and I believe I have some gems - at least I hope so. If not, I plan on blaming Ron Bonk .

To save my sanity, I have decided to implement a new format for "reviewing" movies. Unfortunately, this involves less screen captures and less research, but on the positive side - it just might mean more updates.

I plan on providing the film basics and then listing some pros and cons for the movie. When I review a film I have the privilege of screening you can expect the typical Geexplosion attack on wikipedia,  but for simplicities sake the new format will be here for a while.

Any complaints? Any encouragement? You know where to find me. Just leave a comment or contact me via super secret email: geexplosion at gmail dot com.

I watched a surprisingly entertaining movie from 2007 - Zombie Cheerleading Camp also known as Zombie Cheerleader Camp . If you blink you will miss the difference.

Zombie Cheerleading Camp (2007)
R, Video 85 minutes, Comedy/Horror

The Pros:

I enjoyed the illustrated history of how the zombie plague originated.

I was shocked that the music was appropriate and professional despite the low budget nature of the flick.

If you have a movie with zombie and cheerleader in the title then you better have nudity. This film delivered. It wasn't 80s era nudity, but just a nod is enough to fulfill the honor of the genre. I am all about 3rd Wave Feminism, but I still look for certain tropes.

While the dialogue was not exactly funny; some of the situations were amusing.

The Cons:

Terrible acting from the male leads.

For a modern (albeit 7 year old) zombie flick the movie was shy regarding gore. I know that a low budget can't produce epic effects but a few yards of beef intestines are cheap. To spin this Con into a positive - at least the director, Jon Fabris, did not populate his movie with CGI blood and guts.