Saturday, June 14, 2014


Starring: Gerhard Liebmann, Edita Malovcic, Brigitte Kren and Hille Beseler

Across Canada
One Night
Thursday, June 19, 2014 | 7:30pm

2013 TIFF MIDNIGHT MADNESS Official Selection

‘A slice of horror reminiscent of John Carpenter’s ‘The Thing’” – Loaded

(Toronto –June 5, 2014)   The Gates of Hell are made of ice in the blood chilling creature feature – Blood Glacier (aka The Station). Technicians and scientists at an Alpine research station discover a glacier of blood, high in the mountains. Testing the red liquid oozing from the ice, they discover a new alien organism with the astonishing capability of transforming the local wildlife into horrific hybrids and monster mutations.  Soon the team have their hands full defending themselves and the station against a growing horde of biological monstrosities. Using every tool at their disposal they must learn to work together to survive the onslaught.

Harking back to classic creature features, director Marvin Kren combines classical filmmaking techniques with imaginative practical effects to produce a rollercoaster ride of laughs and jolts.

Sinister Cinema brings a series of independent horror films to 28 Cineplex theatres across Canada.  The films will include unique content, and in some cases, special appearances, including live question and answer sessions with directors, pre-recorded interviews and more.

Tickets are available at participating theatre box offices and online at .

Friday, June 13, 2014

All Cheerleaders Die
Written and Directed by Lucky McKee and Chris Sivertson

Opens June 13
Toronto – Carlton Cinema, 20 Carlton St.

Opening Night Film – Midnight Madness, 2013 Toronto International Film Festival
Best Horror Movie – La Samain du Cinéma Fantastique
Official Selection – Dedfest, Edmonton

(Toronto – June 10, 2014)  Before there was The Woman , and before The Lost , directors Lucky McKee and Chris Sivertson made a backyard high school zombie movie in 2001 called All Cheerleaders Die , a post-USC film school project that was shot on video and never received a wide release. Now, more than 10 years later, the duo has reimagined the story through their more-experienced eyes and turned it into a relentlessly thrilling and highly ambitious production. Produced by Andrew van den Houten and Robert Tonino for Modernciné, this is Chris Sivertson’s first project with the company and Lucky McKee’s second film with the team, the first being last year’s thriller The Woman. This reimagining will have a similar plot to the original Cheerleaders film but, as you will soon read, the stakes have been raised along with the production budget. The film debuted as the opening film of Midnight Madness at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival.

When tragedy rocks Blackfoot High, rebellious outsider Mäddy Killian (Caitlin Stasey) shocks the student body by joining the cheerleading squad. This decision drives a rift between Mäddy and her ex-girlfriend Leena Miller (Sianoa Smit-McPhee) - a loner who claims to practice the dark arts. After a confrontation with the football team, Mäddy and her new cheerleader friends are sent on a supernatural roller coaster ride that leaves a path of destruction none of them may be able to escape.

Shot from a completely new script that was written in 2012, All Cheerleaders Die features stunning turns from a sizzling young ensemble that includes Caitlin Stasey (CW’s “Reign”, Tomorrow When the War Began ) as the offbeat heroine Mäddy Killian, Sianoa Smit-McPhee (HBO’s “Hung”) as Leena Miller, Mäddy’s childhood friend who is now a sorceress, and the cheerleaders Brooke Butler as Tracy Bingham, Amanda Grace Cooper as Hanna Popkin, Reanin Johannink as Martha Popkin and Felisha Cooper as Alexis Andersen. Rounded out by a supporting cast that includes newcomer Tom Williamson as Terry Stankus, the alpha-male on the football squad, Chris Petrovski as his friend George Shank, Leigh Parker as Manchester "Manny" Mankiewitz, Jordan Wilson as Vik De Palma and Nicholas S. Morrison as Ben,
All Cheerleaders Die delivers a scary supernatural thrill ride that also offers some dark and twisted laughs along the way.

Although the original film is over 10 years old, the themes still resonate, explain McKee and Sivertson, “ All Cheerleaders Die is a cross pollination of teen horror, sex comedies, action, non-ironic romance and straight up fantasy. We feel this mixture of tones and emotions encapsulates what it’s like to be a teenager in the modern world what with the barrage of media, information, and an overload of instant communication. The film is designed to keep your ass in the seat and munching that popcorn. It’s designed to make you laugh, cringe, scream, and cry. Sometimes all at once.”

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Robert A. Burns
Date of Birth 27 May 1944, Odessa, Texas, USA
Date of Death 31 May 2004, Seguin, Texas, USA

Burns was a lifelong Texan (except for a couple of odd years in L.A.) and held a BFA from UT Austin. Before his film work, he had careers in commercial art, advertising and journalism. He was also a noted genealogist mostly due to his video "Out of Your Tree! Crazy About Genealogy." In May 2004, Bob was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Rather than go through a lengthy illness, he chose to take his own life. His remains were discovered at his home in Seguin, Texas on June 1, 2004. Official cause of death was carbon monoxide poisoning.


2004 Still Chainsaw After All These Years (Video documentary short)
1982 Mongrel

Art Direction:

1990 Nightwish
1985 Re-Animator
1983 Microwave Massacre (as Robert Burns)
1983 Play Dead
1983 Mausoleum (as Robert Burns)
1982 Blood Song
1982 Time Walker
1981 Full Moon High (as Robert Burns)
1981 The Howling
1979 Disco Godfather
1979 Don't Go Near the Park (as Robert Burns)
1979 She Came to the Valley
1979 Tourist Trap
1977 The Hills Have Eyes (as Robert Burns)
1974 The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Albert Band (Born Alfredo Antonini)
Date of Birth 7 May 1924, Paris, France
Date of Death 14 June 2002, Los Angeles, California

A veteran filmmaker, Albert Band is one of Hollywood's most prolific filmmakers who started his career in the early 50s. He began financing a number of motion pictures through the seventies and eighties and helped his son, Charles Band, bring together his own production company, 'Empire Pictures', in the early eighties. Upon the collapse of Empire Pictures in the early nineties, Band continued to work with his son and help bring a number of low-budget and medium budget films to the Hollywood screen and sopme direct to video releases. Albert Band died in June of 2002 of stomach and lung cancer. His other son, Richard Band, is a film music composer for a number of motion pictures.

Producer (37 credits)
1998 Curse of the Puppet Master (Video) (executive producer)
1996 Demon in the Bottle (executive producer)
1996 Zarkorr! The Invader (executive producer)
1996 Oblivion 2: Backlash (co-producer)
1995 Magic Island (Video) (producer)
1995 Castle Freak (Video) (executive producer)
1994 Pet Shop (producer)
1994 Prehysteria! 2 (Video) (producer)
1994 Dragonworld (producer)
1994 Oblivion (co-producer)
1993 Remote (Video) (producer)
1992 Trancers III (Video) (producer)
1992 Doctor Mordrid (producer)
1992 Honey I Blew Up the Kid (executive producer)
1991 Joey Takes a Cab (producer)
1991 The Pit and the Pendulum (producer)
1989 Robot Jox (producer)
1988 Ghoulies II (producer)
1986 TerrorVision (producer)
1986 Troll (producer)
1985 Ghost Warrior (executive producer)
1983 Metalstorm: The Destruction of Jared-Syn (executive producer)
1979 She Came to the Valley (producer)
1978 Dracula's Dog (producer)
1977 Cinderella (producer)
1976 Mansion of the Doomed (supervising executive producer)
1973 Little Cigars (producer)
1968 Un minuto per pregare, un instante per morire (producer)
1967 Hellbenders (producer)
1965 The Tramplers (producer)
1965 Hercules and the Princess of Troy (TV Movie) (producer)
1964 Grand Canyon Massacre (co-producer - as Alfredo Antonini)
1963 Gunfight at Red Sands (producer)
1962 The Avenger (producer - uncredited)
1959 Face of Fire (producer)
1958 I Bury the Living (producer)
1956 The Young Guns (producer - uncredited)

Director (14 credits)
1994 Prehysteria! 2 (Video)
1993 Prehysteria!
1993 Robot Wars
1992 Doctor Mordrid
1991 Joey Takes a Cab
1988 Ghoulies II
1979 She Came to the Valley
1978 Dracula's Dog
1965 The Tramplers
1965 Hercules and the Princess of Troy (TV Movie)
1964 Grand Canyon Massacre
1959 Face of Fire
1958 I Bury the Living
1956 The Young Guns

Writer (10 credits)
1979 She Came to the Valley (screenplay)
1968 Un minuto per pregare, un instante per morire (writer)
1967 Hellbenders (story)
1965 The Tramplers (as Alfredo Antonini)
1964 Grand Canyon Massacre
1963 Gunfight at Red Sands (screenplay)
1962 The Avenger (adaptation)
1959 Face of Fire (writer)
1957 Footsteps in the Night (screenplay) / (story)
1951 The Red Badge of Courage (adaptation)