Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Wrestle Cast: The Justice League of America

If you aren't familiar with Wrestle Cast, the premise is simple, I cast a movie using only current working wrestlers. While technically a movie has yet to be made with the Justice League of America, comic book fans have been looking forward to one for a while. (Well, until the live action Green Lantern... that might have made a few decide its better to dream than to receive a crap reality.)

There have been so many iterations of the JLA that it is difficult to choose a roster. I decided to go with a variation of the classic members. Instead of Hal Jordan's Green Lantern, I decided to go with Kyle Rayner and I added the Martian Manhunter. Other than these changes the line up is fairly consist with what one might expect.

Let's start with the main man, the big time player, Superman.


Superman was a tough role to cast. You want a wrestler big enough to pull of the phsyicality of the Man of Steel AND you want someone that looks the right part. Most of the really massive guys just didn't seem right for the part. Roode might not be the tallest guy at 6'0" but I think with some creative camera work no one will know that Flash and Martian Manhunter are a few inches taller. Roode would have to lose the stubble but I think for the chance to portray Superman this might be an acceptable loss.


Katarina Waters has the goods to pull off Wonder Woman. She is listed as 5'8" and 150lbs which gives her the mass and size to stand toe to toe with the rest of the League and not look slight. Her German born accent might give her delivery as an Amazon an interesting spin.


Cody Rhodes has a brooding look that makes me think he would be perfect for Batman. He is not the biggest wrestler but still has the muscle mass and size to be a convincing Batman.


Ziggler has a good look. Much like with Cody Rhodes, Ziggler has a good look to him. He is able to pull off arrogant and cocky, as well as super pissed and angry... all of which sez Aquaman now that DC decided to make him a near direct Submariner rip-off.


I think Christian has the muscle mass but is still lean enough to be a convincing Flash.


I chose Crab Face over Hal Jordan because I wanted to skew young on the casting choices and Hal has been through so much its hard to think of him as anything but an old curmudgeon. The Miz is not one of my favorite wrestlers but I think he has the look to pull off Kyle Rayner's Green Lantern.


I made an exception with this one... Steve Austin is not a working wrestler, but as one of the top known names in the business of all time I decided to make the executive decision to include The Texas Rattlesnake.

I did not choose Stone Cold simply because both he and Manhunter are bald. For a big time movie job you can get anyone to shave their head. I decided on Austin because he is a big man who fits the part physically. I'm not certain that his gruff, Texas accent will work for J'onn J'onzz but that might be taken care of with some sound sweetening in post production.

Plus... they both love milk.

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