Thursday, November 7, 2013


I finally had the chance to sit down and watch Riddick.

Afterwards, I checked out some of the reviews on Rotten Tomatoes and I was surprised at the negativity. I don’t know what movie they were using for comparison but Riddick was PDG (pretty darn good).

If the critics were examining the other two movies in which Riddick appears I could understand. Pitch Black is an excellent example of science fiction adventure while The Chronicles of Riddick is a perfect example of how to ruin a potential franchise.

Necro Mongers... What was I thinking?
I would like to reverse the order in which I discuss Pitch Black and Chronicles. Regarding The Chronicles of Riddick, not since Highlander 2 have I thought everyone involved with a sequel should apologize and pretend the sequel never happened. What the hell were Vin and Twohy thinking? Go big? With a character like Riddick? Events from The Chronicles of Riddick are mentioned in this film and the story tackles it in a manner that is not offensive to the sensibilities. The small flashback to Chronicles is both a decent bridge between the movies and a blow off for the ridiculous second film.

It’s true that Pitch Black is better than Riddick. I think much can be said that the novelty of Pitch Black helps push it above the new film. People think they know what to expect and are looking for certain tropes from the Riddick character. I think Riddick, however, is a great successor to Pitch Black. It is high on action and gives the character of Riddick plenty of opportunity to be a bad ass. Finally, Twohy goes back to highlighting Riddick’s shine job.

The basic plot of Riddick is similar to Pitch Black. Riddick gets trapped on a hostile planet that becomes even more hostile under certain environmental conditions.The character realizes that remaining planetside is about to become a complete horrorfest and so he actively summons two different mercenary groups. His plan is to kill as many as necessary to take one of the ships and continue on his goal of finding his homeworld.

One merc group is roughneck while the other is organized. Two characters/actors stand out among the different groups. Dave Bautista is a roughneck, while Katee Sackhoff is with the trained group.

Dave Bautista is used well. He is huge compared to everyone and almost everything in the movie. Diesel and Twohy handled Bautista with just the right amount of power. You don’t want to make him too impressive against Riddick because he is just a human being. It’s hard to pit Riddick against an entire planet that wants to kill him and then have a dude appear that is too tough to beat. If Riddick has a knife he can kill any normal human.

Katee Sackhoff is pretty amazing. Both Katee and her character come off as butch and sensual at the same time. Not that these characterizations are mutually exclusive. As the only woman throughout the flick she gives and takes with the biggest and scariest among the men. Her flirtatious nature kicks in once Riddick appears and he is not above pitching woo while the men threaten to kill him.

Would I recommend Riddick? Absolutely! Not only is it a great film on its own but it also helps erase the terrible Chronicles of Riddick while extending the mythology of the character from Pitch Black. I don’t count the cartoons, video games, breakfast cereals, etc. as canon. Riddick was release in the US September, 2013.

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