Monday, November 18, 2013

An Evening with SRS Cinema

Fellow Geex!

Christmas is right around the corner and I have found the perfect place to shop!

SRS Cinema is the second longest running no/low budget video producer and distributor after Troma. I have a special place in my heart for Troma because I found them at an impressionable time in my young life. I also appreciate Troma because they sold me a bunch of videos direct when I owned a video store.

That being said, I prefer SRS Cinema over Troma. There is something more honest and sincere about the movies Sub Rosa produces and distributes.

Do you need big box VHS tapes for this years stocking stuffer? The answer is yes! Yes, you do!

The president of SRS Cinema, Ron Bonk, is a prolific writer/director and  jack of all trades. I think his contributions to no budget horror as a producer and distributor is remarkable. I told him as much and he said, "Thanks."

Pretty sweet, eh?! I think we have a good rapport going.

This is an imagining of the rest of our conversation:

Ron: Chris, you are pretty cool. I have some DVDs for sale.
Chris: I want to buy them!

Ron: I won't let anyone else buy them until after you take your pick!
Chris: Thanks, Ron Bonk!

Ron: I can't understand why Chris Seaver won't return your emails, dude! You are the coolest!

Chris: I can't understand it either, Mr. Bonk. And for the record... You are the coolest!

And look what happened! A box full of movies!

All in all, I scored about 60+ DVDs for less than Candy Cane would spend getting her nails done.

Some of the titles I am familiar with... Chris Seaver's movies, for example. Others, not so much, but I really fell in love with the title. Gut Pile? Yes, thank you. For your amusement, not to mention what awaits you at the SRS Cinema store, here is a partial list of the flicks in my BIG BOX of DVDs.

Alone in a Haunted House
Aspiring Psychopath
Among Us
Black Ice
Campfire Tales
Crash Test
Dark Woods
Devil of Blue Mountain
Entrails of the Wicked
God Memoirs
Gut Pile
Hard Gore
Hellcats in High Heels
Holy Terror
Holocaust of Blood
House of Carnage
House on Bloodbath Hill
House on Dead End Lane
House That Screamed
I Spit Chew on Your Grave
Killers By Nature
Kiss Daddy Goodbye
Lady Revenge
Last House on Hell St
Lights Camera Dead
Make Them Die
Raising Hell
Moist Fury
Naked Horror
Plan 9 from Syracuse
Return to Blood Fart Lake
Satan's Cannibal Holocaust
Savage Holocaust
Scream Queens
Severed Head Network
Sudden Fury
Super Badass
Urban Flesh
Vampire Call Girls
Night Vamps
Zombie Jamboree

SRS Cinema's Facebook offers some really cool, up-to-the-minute deals. Like them and you might win a movie that will ruin your dinner and disturb your sleep.

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