Monday, November 25, 2013

10 Cool Cover Songs

I do not want to mislead anyone by making them think that I prefer these covers over the original. Sometimes that happens, but rarely. I have simply chosen covers that I believe to be at least as good as the originals.

Across the Universe
The Beatles vs Fiona Apple

Let's face it, the Beatles are one of the most covered bands in the galaxy. Most of the covers seem to be little more than filler for albums. When I heard Fiona Apple sing this song I thought it was amazingly sublime and actually a bit better than the original.

Heart of Glass
Blondie vs The Puppini Sisters

What can you say about Blondie? The band came along at the right time, with the right sound, and the right gal. Heart of Glass simply is Blondie. The Puppini Sisters re-imagining the song as a swing song allows them to mutate the song without ding a disservice to the original. I decided to include this particular video for The Puppini Sisters because it fits in with their sound AND it's an amazing video in itself.

Istanbul, Not Constantinople
The Four Lads vs. They Might Be Giants

This might be They Might Be Giants best known song. Few people know it was remake as TMBG's are not known for their covers. The original has an old time feel to it... but it is an old song. It is fun and bouncy and completely acceptable. TMBG's really add some authenticity to the music. Traditional horns and a more upbeat rhythm really help he song swing.

I Don't Want to Grow Up
Tom Waits vs The Ramones

Both versions are amazing. When I listen to one, I usually have to listen to the other.

All Apologies
Nirvana vs Sinead O'Conner

Nirvana proved they are masters of their own destiny and masters of covering other band's songs. Leadbelly, Meat Puppets, you name it and Nirvana made it their own. Sinead may have made some waves during her career but no one can deny the allure of her voice. Her version of All Apologies is a haunting, ghostly tribute to a fallen musician.

Boyz in the Hood
Easy E vs Dynamite Hack

Not really a fan of Easy E. For people that think Dynamite Hack's whiter than white verbatim version of Boyz in Hood is an original idea, think again. Sure, the overly cheese, lounge style is somewhat novel, but a white version of an African American song hitting the mainstream is nothing new. This is one of those covers where you really need the video to go along with the song.

I Will Survive
Gloria Gaynor vs Cake

Smooth Criminal
Michael Jackson vs Alien Ant Farm

Do you Really Want to Hurt Me?
Culture Club vs The Violent Femmes

It's Oh So Quiet
Betty Hutton vs. Bjork

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