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Let us see why every year such a large number of people choose treatment in Singapore. The leading center of medical tourism in Singapore is a clean environment, convenience, high quality of service, safety, and high standards of healthcare. This country has tremendous opportunities for healing the body.
1. The professional level of workers. All Singaporean doctors are known for their professionalism and competence. They have higher education, extensive experience, improve their qualifications and are constantly being trained. In addition, doctors maintain relationships with colleagues from other countries to keep abreast of the latest developments in the world of medical discoveries and research.
2. Affordable prices for treatment. At first glance, it may seem that treatment in Singapore is pretty expensive. In fact, for many people, the price of some services will be really high. But compared to the United States and Japan (which are a step lower in the rating of the quality of medical care), prices for treatment in Singapore are much lower.
3. Security. The quality, safety, and efficacy of all clinics and drugs in Singapore are controlled by a special organization called The Health Sciences Authority. In addition, this medical research community monitors the quality of all equipment and procedures. Also, medicine is controlled by government agencies, which carefully relate to the verification of all possible drugs.
4. Modern foreign customer service centers. Almost all medical organizations in Singapore offer their foreign clients special centers for their admission and maintenance. In such centers, the patient can get all the information he needs. The staff of many clinics knows several languages, including English, Spanish, French, etc. If there is no person in the center who is able to understand the client’s language, an interpreter is provided.
5. Specialized medical centers. First, all hospitals in Singapore are equipped with modern high-tech equipment, which allows for operations that could not be carried out in other conditions. Secondly, most Singaporean medical centers specialize in providing some specific services in one or several directions. Singapore has a large number of specialized centers for neurology, cardiology, ophthalmology, oncology, and many others.
6. Center for Biomedical Research. Singapore is one of the most modern centers of biomedical research, whose main task is to research existing drugs and develop new ones that will help to cure the most complex diseases. Thanks to the scientists at this research center, medicines are becoming more and more secure, and more effective therapies are being invented.
7. Safe and eco-friendly environment. Singapore has great potential, including the latest technologies in the field of health care, highly qualified specialists in the medical field. The World Health Organization considers Singapore to be the best country in terms of providing medical care throughout Asia.