The mayor of Los Angeles told what will lead the “stupid trade war” with the PRC

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The “trade war” of China and the United States could deal a severe blow to the development of the American city of Los Angeles, whose authorities fear large-scale job losses and a sharp slowdown in economic growth to the level of 0-1%, despite the fact that without trade friction this figure could reach 5 -6%, said Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garsetti.
“We will undoubtedly observe a loss of jobs, a reduction in working hours, a significant reduction in wages, and this is exactly how (” trade war “- ed.) Affects real people,” said Garcinet in an interview with the South China Morning Post a recent visit to Hong Kong.
According to him, the main concerns of the authorities are associated with the expectation of a reduction in cargo turnover of up to 20% in the two main ports of California – the port of Los Angeles and the port of Long Beach. Reducing the volume of cargo, respectively, will lead to the need to reduce port staff. According to preliminary forecasts, up to 200 thousand people may lose their jobs.
“In Los Angeles, there will be families that can’t feed their children because of reduced working hours in ports, construction workers will also bring small amounts of money home,” added Garcetti.
Los Angeles is by far the largest container port in the United States and the first in terms of cargo turnover with China. Last year alone, cargo worth a total of $ 284 billion passed through the port, of which $ 145 billion came from trade with China.
“We are saddened by the loss of Chinese investment, the loss of Chinese tourists and students, but this is not a reason to say “ok” to this stupid trade war that we could possibly have prevented,” the mayor said.
The imposition of duties on Chinese steel was largely reflected in the prices and construction plans in the city, for example, the Los Angeles authorities were forced to postpone the construction of 15 lines for buses and rail vehicles.
He stressed that in order to solve existing problems, the parties should resume an open and honest dialogue.